Friday, June 20, 2008

I need a good bird feeder

It is about time for me to head back to the Botanic Gardens. I am sure there a ton of flowers blooming about now. It is another nice day here. We could use some rain. I have been sprinkling my lawn twice a day, to help out the grass. It looks okay, but I see other lawns much greener and wander how much they are watering.

I have been feeding the birds in my front lawn. My nieghbors don't much like it. LOL I need a bird feeder that the birds can take what they want and won't slop the seeds all over the grass. Any suggestions. Right now I am using a plastic tuperware bowl. Lovely! I bought a really pretty glass feeder, but the birds would throw tons into the yard, looking for the right seed. So, that lasted about a day.

I would put a feeder in my back yard, but I think my dog and cat would bring me dead birds, everyday, so that is not nice.


vintage paper bella ~ andrea said...

I feed the squirels, there so cute,Maybe a cute wood bird house? I love your rose pictures.

~Tonya said...

A lot of my flowers are in bloom. I need to make some time for weeding...that is not the fun part.

Birds always pick out what they want and don't want. Hubby's aunt use to have a bird feeder and they would slop all over...well, she had sunflowers growing in her yard. LOL