Friday, June 27, 2008

I love pretty things

YAHHH! I won the tree painting by Jane! OMG, it is sooo amazing. I think it is my favorite painting in my whole house!

I had to do some rearranging in my office to fit it. It is just incredible and I am thrilled beyond belief that I finally got one...what makes it even more special is Jane said she thought of me when she made it....Oh, that is really sweet!

I am still waiting for supplies (I know, shut up already!) so, I am gonna make my friend some felted kitties, today, then maybe start on more halloween stuff.

I am sending my little Miss Sweet 16 to her new home, today. Here she is waiting to go to mailboxes etc (I had to order special boxes for my dolls and they come in today) all the ladies at the shop want to see her before I box her up. How neat, huh?

If I had more fur trim, I just might make her again and keep her this time! She is soooo pretty and I love pink!


~Tonya said...

Isn't that so neat that they want to see her. I order boxes just for my dollies is the only way to go!

It makes life so much easier, not having to fight looking for a box to fit.

I am sure your customer will love Molly.

That painting is very pretty...but I adore Jane's angel paintings.


Pea said...

I am sure they will enjoy seeing your dolly Miss Jenny. OH glad you got some supplies. Just like fabric trim can become a habit. Maybe I should have told ya that before huh? LOL
Oh thank you Miss Jenny. I do try and wrap things nicely. But I am sorry I only offer the printed version on that pattern. I just don't get orders for the printed patterns so no reason to carry the prints.
I sprayed the tissue and the cotton ball with my Spiced Gum Drops room spray. One of my best sellers. Thank you again dear lady.
Have a wonderful weekend creating. Blessings,Pea