Sunday, June 1, 2008

Art to share

I have no art of my own to share, so I will share more of my art collection. This painting is by Jane at Gritty Arts Studio.
I have my fair share of her collection. This painting was really different, I thought.

I just won one of her dolls, now I have 3 of her dolls and 3 of her paintings. I have been trying to win one of her Tree of Life paintings, but I always get outbid. Maybe someday.

The doll I just won was an americana and the first I will own with her new clay faces. They are really neat and I just loved the fabric she used for her skirt. Those of you who keep up with her ebay auctions knows which one I am referring to.

I really need to get back to working on my own art, though. I tend to shop when I am feeling blue, sometimes. LMAO. That is my addiction. Don't we all have something wrong with us? I love to collect art! Oh well.

So, tomorrow I will be painting my neighbors living room. I will probably be painting a lot of there interior this next month. I think they want me to do a room a week, which is sooo okay with me. That will allow me to work on my art as well as make some extra money.

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~Tonya said...

Jane does such beautiful work. I bet her dollie with a clay face is neat.

I think we all tend to shop when we feel blue...I am guilty of that. Yup, got me a bunch of needle punch goodies coming for me. Hot Damn! Can't wait for my goodies.

Have fun painting and a little money never hurt.

Have a great evening.