Monday, June 30, 2008

Halloween Re-mix added

Hi all. I do not have much to add, yet today.
But, I thought I would include a Re-mix of some of the pictures from our halloween party last year.
These are only mages of the house.
So, check out the bottom of my blog for a fun little show.
Sorry if the quality of the images is bad.
I had my old camera back then.

I hope you enjoy. Till later today...have fun!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY! I can see why it took you forever! I would have loved coming to your party..I LOVE all the make me look like kid stuff...I love how you decorated the house..Loved the kitty on the counter too...ours do that...Love the outside too..loved the bloody hands on the the grim reap looking hunched over guy..I would be afraid to walk downstairs during the night...and see these guys...I think I would have peed my for sharing...:) I hope you are feeling better too...have a great day Jen you always make mine...:)
Gina :)

Jenny said...

A lot of the stuff I did not put out till the last minute. So, I was not freeked out too much. But I had those mummies out for a week and holy cow, I kept seeing someone in the corner of my eye and then look and remember they were All that cobb webbing was tons of work... But it looked so good. I am afraid my christmas won't be as nice..still need more decorations.

I had spooky music playing during the trick or treaters and made some of them come in the house...some were too scared to enter. FUNNY. They got a big kick out of it. That witch moves and her eyes light up...woooooo!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I have seen the animation of the stuff they have now...where was that stuff when we were kids..I tell you could really scare the crap out of kids now days...I would love to see that..I loved going to the haunted houses they gettin scared...especially with a date...too much fun...ahh the good old days...