Friday, June 27, 2008

Halloween Annie Listing

My Halloween Annie doll is going on ebay this afternoon.

To view her listing click here.
People keep asking me the same question: "How do I get so much done?" I kind of think it is a funny question, cuz I probably could get even more done if I were a bit more focused! Really. I work for a couple hours, here and there, but I really have fun, so if I could I would probably burn the midnight oil, sometimes. LOl but, no I do not. Sometimes I neglect my wifely duties and don't get to the dishes to mid afternoon. I have (which I just noticed the other day) cobwebs on my chandeliers!! YIKES..

1 comment:

~Tonya said...

Just hire a cleaning lady. LMAO. I had to say that. Just kidding.

Yup, if I didn't have kids, I know I would be making dollies all the time. But, I love my kiddies.

We do what we can, while we can, right.

I am sure your Annie will go wonderful.

Have a great day.