Sunday, June 29, 2008

Graced with the Arte y Pico Blogger Award~

Wow~ My friend at Cat Nap Inn Primitives has just inlcuded me in her top 5 bloggers! I am not sure if I am supposed to pass this award on or not... Maybe if she will let me plagerize the rules she posted on her blog...lmao. Just kidding.

I am kind of being a bit lazy, today. My office is sparkling clean and I am enjoying just sitting here. I did move a few pieces of art around. I do that on occassion..I like change.

Anyway, back to the lazy day. I just am reluctant to start anything new. I am still, yes still waiting for things that I will be needing for my next few creations and I am not looking forward to having 1/2 baked dolls (LOL) hanging around.

I am going to start some halloween shakers tomorrow. I have had a special request for someone, so that is nice. I have my dolls all planned out for the next couple of weeks. Many without patterns, so that should be interesting. I hope they turn out as well as I hope they do.

I bought myself another dollie from Ivonne at the Crackling Crows. She has her own style, I like that about her stuff. You always know it is from her. I do not think I have a style, yet. Lately, though my dolls are all very pretty. LOL Is that a reflection of me? Pretty...Vain, maybe. LOL
No, seriously, I love pretty things, so I guess that is the key to what I create. It will be interesting to see how my dolls progress as I hone my skills and create my own style. But, till then it is a very exciting process and I fall in love with every doll I make. :)

In other news...I just ordered some casserole carriers (one as a gift and one for myself) from Cat Nap Inn should check out her sales blog. I cannot wait till she shares them with everyone. I love handmade things. The fabric is adorable, I cannot wait. I will definately share with you (at least the one I bought for myself) I think the person receiving the gift reads my blog! LMAO Lord help me, can I ever keep a secret?


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Well you have made my can't wait to get my surprises in the mail..I love getting surprises and I get to add 2 new kittys to my ever growing collection...There is always room for more..I love rearranging too. I especially love a clean and organized craft room...I can't work when it looks like a cyclone hit it..although when I am in "cram" mode it gets that way..but after the storm..I clean and organize only to wait for the next storm...Enjoy your clean room..from the sounds of it, I hear a storm heading your way! :)

Jenny said...

I know what you mean about moving things around to fit more stuff. I always think...okay, my collection is complete, until I see the next cool doll by one of my favorite artists and well I cannot resist.

My office will be clean for about 24 hours...cuz I wasn't working in will be messy tomorrow I am sure



Doreen said...

I'm the same way about moving things around...For some reason things just seem cleaner and fresher once they've been rearranged a bit.

Congratulations on your award and your doll for Ivonne...I love her style.

I will have to check out the casserole carriers.

Have a wonderful day