Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Shadow

I was surprised to see my little kitty in my botted rose bush. I had to run upstairs to get the camera. She is so funny.

I think I might start on my projects for our group launch for next month. I know, I have plenty of time, but until I get my supplies for my other dolls, I am just hanging out. Unfortunately, I am not supposed to share what our group is planning for next month. Hmmm, I wonder if I can even share what I am working on...that might give it all away. I may have to work on something different at the same time (yes, I can do that) I have 20 years of experience of multitasking.

Maybe I will get a special order dolly and that will be easy enough.

I am dying to make another pink Annie!! Maybe by next year for valentines day...that would be darling. Anyway, I think I will go think about what project I can work on in the mean time. Cheers!~


~Tonya said...

Aren't kitty cats so funny. They can lay in the weirdest places. I suppose he wanted to lay under a tree LOL

Doncha hate waiting for supplies. Hell I could of sent you a bobbin faster than that! Hope your supplies come in soon.

Have fun multitasking...I am a PRO at it too...with 3 kids, ya gotta be.


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Jenny,
To be so young. Breath it all in.
I had a black cat named Cole. Reminds me of your kitty. Look at Miss Molly on eBay, she is going to do good. Go for as many projects you can work on, it's fun to change around.

Pea said...

That is so cute! Just getting some shade.
I remember one time Daddy looked across the street at these two kitties all cute under the neighbors trees. Told mom Look aren't they pretty cats under that tree? How cute huh?
MOm says yep, you dumbie those are OUR CATS!!! Daddy blushes and said well I knew they were good looking cats. LOL
Have a great day my friend. I actually updated my blog today.