Sunday, June 22, 2008

Felting felting and more felting

FEWWW, these kitties took me a few hours to make. I broke a brand new needle already. I must be careful, I only have a hand full left. Pointers for anyone looking to needle felt: The wool that is primarily used for needle felting works much better than the roving you buy for the doll hair. The doll hair is slippery and does not felt as easily. I am glad that I had a bag of it on hand.

I am so used to stabbing myself, to. If I could have a dime for every time I have pricked my finger with a needle the last few months I could buy some nice Dior shoes. LOL Gosh, I cannot remember the last time I splurged on designer shoes. I have been spending all my money on art and dolls. Well, I best be finding my real kitty. She is hiding someplace around here. Bye for now.


The Crackling Crows said... it is amazing how fast you are making dolls :) they look great...I looove your Annie..she is my favorite :)
Keep up the great work!!!

I'm trying to make more dolls for the Mercantile...busy busy busy

hugs Ivonne

Pea said...

fast doll maker! I think I need to sell the kid to the gypsies for a doller. LOl
then maybe I could get something done.
Great job Jenny. That black kitty is my favorite.
have a great week.

Jenny said...

I cannot wait to see your dolls Ivonne! Thanks for the compliments ladies!

Pea...just come visit and we can make dolls together!!! Then you can drool over my collection too!