Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dog Lover

This is the last of my bobbin girls. There are four, incase you lost count. This little girl, brunette in pig tails is going to be sporting her pooch. I am not sure what type of dog, yet.

I decided to do one last one cuz they all look so adorable and I thought it would be neat to do a series of them. Now, I will be busy all week getting them all finished

My bobbins were sent out today, so I probably won't get them till at least mid week to end of the week. So, I will be working on most of the details and all their pets this week.
So, in other news. Freedom and Old Glory did not sell on ebay. I relisted them at a lower rate, in hopes of selling them, this time. I really hate doing that and maybe I am just not pricing them right the first time. This really is getting to me today...I can keep giving my dolls away, but there may be a point that I am discouraged enough to give in the towel, so to speak. I am kind of irritated right now, can you tell? So, I will have to learn to start with a lower price and hope and pray someone likes enough to get more bids. BOOHOO, I just had to bitch.

Well, my office is a disaster area now, so I better get it cleaned up. I hope your weekend is going wonderfully.


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Jenny, don't you dare give up, it is just the times now. Everyone is feeling the pinch. You dolls are priced at a very resonable price. There is so much detail in them and work.....I know it's hard, but keep that chin up and keep at it. (don't settle) I have to-so do you. Your talent God has given you will be blessed.


Jenny said...

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for the comments. I know I have to keep going. I just am so new at this I wonder if I just cannot price correctly. As long as hubby is fine with me making pennys....then I am sure I will stick with it. I just need one good sale, then maybe I can relax! :) LOL

Hugs to you..


Diana Lyn said...

Hello Jenny, Your dolls are really darling! DOn't judge your sales off of E-bay, I put mine in stores, just get hooked up here on the blogging world we will help you! Hugs Diana Lyn, I will post on my blog for you! Hugs and stop by for tea sometime! Diana Lyn

ozjane said...

Is Etsy any better.
Do not give up. Ask for guidance for the right place to put them.
I am sure it will come.
Remember all those calls Alexander Bell made before the phone worked.

Pea said...

It is hitting us all. Hey listen girl I have been doing this for more then 20 yrs and I still ain't there yet, so hold your place and don't get impatient. It takes time for folks to get to know your dolls, style and work.
It will happen. Remember what I told ya, but ya can't rush it. It is in God's time and not yours.

~Tonya said...

Hello Jenny, Persistance and Patience, two things you must have. :) Your dolls bring you so much happiness to create, you can not give up.

We all get frustrated, just hang in there. Pricing is the hard part.

I have been thinking about making a dollie on a bobbin. Hubby has one all ready for me with a base and all. Just no time yet.

I am busy making a dollie(s) for the Mercantile. Don't know if I will get more then one done or not.

Have a great day Jenny.

Jenny said...

HI ladies,

Wow, thanks for all the words of enouragement. I know, I have heard it before and maybe I will continue to feel it in the future. Is being new making me more fragile? I guess I have to weather it to get a tough skin, huh?

Pea, 20 years? Well, don't I feel like a or a big baby. LOL

Thanks again for coming to my aid, emotionally. I will just have to lower my prices and hope for the best. At least I love doing it, makes working for penny's much easier!