Monday, June 2, 2008

A different kind of project

The hook rug kits arrived in the mail today. Oh boy, I think I am really in for it now. They are not the same hook rugs my mom used to do!

I hope those directions are easy cuz I am a bit intimidated. I asked for the hook to go with it, but the lady who sent these to me must not have gotten that message.

If anyone is familiar with these type of hook rugs, let me know. They may sit in my to do bin for a little while. They are pretty, though. I hope I can figure them out. :0

It was a hot one out today and I hope we get some coolness coming thru here soon. It feels like July already.


Terry and Jackie said...

Hi Jenny
The kits you have are for Traditional Hooked Rugs. These types of rugs have been made since the 1800's. This is the kind of hooking I do...I have a couple of pics of my work on the Red Door blog.
For some "how to" instruction check out
If you need any help feel free to give me a holler at
Good'll be hooked before you know it!!

Jenny said...

I love this blogging! Thanks so much Jackie. I lvoe your shop BTW. I am so grateful for your help!


Terry and Jackie said...

Hi Again!
Man am I dumb...I meant to mention that I could send you a beginners hook if you need one. You can drop me a line at
As well there is a rug hooking supplier in Colorado...don't know if she is close to you or can check her site out at
and she has the beginner hooks for a reasonable cost.
Well...I think I should stop drinking coffee and lounging at the computer and go out and tackle my WEEDS...ACK they are taking over!!
PS I'm gonna link your blog to mine cuz I love your work!

~Tonya said...

Oh what fun they will be Jenny! I have always wanted to try to rug hook, but must only try one new thing at a time.

So nice of Jackie to give some pointers..I will have to check those links out for future reference as well.

Have FUN.