Thursday, June 12, 2008

Coming along just fine

I started working on this little girl, this afternoon. Hey Pea, recognize the fabric? Hey, Tonya, recognize the hair?

She is just standing here waiting for me to sew her all together. I just have material rolled up on her head for the moment. I am trying to figure out if I want that to be a crown..yes, she is a work in progress. I go with the flow, right now, instead of drawing my dolls out first. Eventually, I will do that, but this is what works for me now.

I did not use a pattern for this, but obviously, I have to thank Tonya for any of my inspiration, cuz I have been using most of her patterns, lately. This is my first creation without a pattern, though, so I am very excited about her!

She might be too cute to sell! Oh and she is the perfect size. She is standing on an old bobbin. I really like this style of doll. Most of them, I have to hang or sit...but I really like being able to have her stand on a table. I really love this fabric, too. It looks great all coffee stained and grunged! I think I will really have a hard time giving her up..she is one of my best so far!

I got my Old Glory Kitty's stars finished and I will be listing her on Saturday for our group launch. So, come check it out, then! She turned out really adorable and the stars really do make a difference on her.


~Tonya said...

You sure are coming right along with your dollie Jenny. Yes, I recognize the hair.

Can't wait to see her finished. I hope your finger is okay.

And sometimes you do just have to keep some...I have yet too. It is easy to tell others that. LOL Some you can never re-create, just the same way.

I hope you have a good one.

Pea said...

She will be adorable and yep, know that fabric well. OH I like the crown idea. She is sweet. That fabric stains up nice huh? I love the bobbin dollies too. They are fun and that gal sure does fit right into the room there. You should keep her. Give yourself a dollie from you. You have done so well. I am honored that my little bear is sitting there with Tonya's dollie in the back drop along with your dollie. That makes me smile.