Friday, June 27, 2008

Check out my stash~

Patterns! Check out how sweetly wrapped this pattern is from Pea @ Pea Picker's Primitives. Oh gosh, it smells like peppermint or something! YUMMY. Oh and yes Pea I am freezing now! lol. It is too nice to open right now. It is a little snowman pattern...sooo cute. I am gonna keep him wrapped till I use it...:) So, if they all come like this I will pay the much more fun than an e-pattern...

All these patterns, there's gonna be plenty of creating to do this summer! Yippy.

I bought a few more patterns from Stitch and Sew Prim. And hey look at the boobins they are sporting....Perfect for thos bobbins pictured friend Gina at Cat Nap Inn primitives sent those to bail me out. She is still waiting for me to make her
some felted kitties...sorry I will get those out soon!!! ;)

Honestly, I do not have many christmas decorations, so I am gonna have to make some to keep.

I also got my forth of july banners and flags from Old Cape Primitives. I bid on them last time and lost out, so she made some more.

I love how she wraps her things. I TRY, but she is still way cooler than

Well, I best be going now..I did not get much done today, in the creative department...just laundry and till next time~ Have a lovely weekend!


Doreen said...

What lovely goodies Jenny!!! I love everything but those flags and banners from Old Cape Primitives are wonderful!!! Congrat's on that win!!!

Your "Sweet Sixteen" gal is fantastic...I just love her..the pink is sooo great!!!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Jenny,
Glad to see you got your bobbins...Yea!! I hope you can use them...I still have plenty more...I got your pink, black fleece today...I will take photos of all of it..didn't find the martini kind..but I have some cute stuff in my stash, I will send ya photos of it and you can pick...take care...I love your sew prim patterns... Will have these photos for you tomorrow at the latest....gonna make your scarves now..I have a question about your honeys scarf..does he want fringe on the end of his...
Gina :)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I just saw your pictures of your house...gorgeous is all i can say...can I come live with is awesome...