Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Vintage Annie?

Yes, I am making another one. This one is for Halloween! This picture does not do her much justice. I was going to start Helga, but I am waiting for a fabric I ordered online last week, so I started this little one instead.

Guess what, more fur! I think it makes her so much more festive.
I wish I had the orange hair to go with her, but her black locks are okay too.

I may not be listing this one till mid July (if I can wait that know I never can) But, I still have all those dollies I was working on last I gotta get those on first.

Ya know, I was just reminiscent of how this doll thing all came about and how I had taken 2 years of upholstery (which taught me how to blind stitch and sew corners like a pro) and my course in beginning sewing (which I took so I could make clothes for myself) Without those classes I probably would have never started making dolls. I was a horrible sewer prior..well, lets just say I failed that part of Singles Living 20 years ago and never tried it again...till a few years ago and wala~I say this cuz god works in mysterious ways. You never know :)

Well, I am off to work on her some more. I hope you are having fun and keeping cool!

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The Smiling Goat said...

Jenny, I love her! The fabric is awesome! The fur trim really sets her off. I may have to try that!LOL!How do you get so much done??