Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another sweetie pie

I just started a new doll. Yes, another one. She will be a queen of my garden. I already have a plan for what she will be holding, but I have to wait for the supplies to get here in the mail to work on that. (I wonder if you could guess...hint: look closely at her dress)

I finished "Sweet 16", as you probably know if you get my email updates. Afterward, I immediately started working on this one. The yellow material on her head will be her crown.

I am not sure if I will list her with my Strawberry girl or not. She is still waiting for supplies, to. This little queen will be placed on an antique bobbin, cuz I love how that looks and how they can be displayed on a table.

I also love her blonde hair. I will definately have to order some more of that. I did order a bunch of wool from Crowing About Primitives. Not that I really needed more, but you know you can never have too much, especially when you have no idea what you might make, right?

Well, I am going to take a break from all this doll making and tiddy up my office. I really have not done any housework (except for dishes) the last few days, so I probably should do some..huh? Have fun everyone!

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