Friday, June 27, 2008

Angels, Witches & Devils, Oh my.

I got my huge stash from JoAnn's online, this afternoon. I bought a lot of feather trim! I thought it would be interesting to work with. Since I am a bit behind on some of my dolls from last week. I will be putting these projects aside for a wee bit.
I have so much trim, now I am wondering if anyone wants to do a swap with me. Trade some of your stuff for some of mine. I have trims up the ying yang! lol So, if you are interested, lets do it. I could use some more frilly pinks in my fabric stash.
Well, I blogged a lot today. Did I make anything? NOOOOO! I did some laundry :) opened a ton of mail and ran an errand. I am feeling guilty now about getting something crafty done, today. Maybe I'll get my "Edward Scissor Hands" out...and whip something up!

I hope you enjoyed all my blahblahblah, today. Three times a charm. Don't expect too much bloggin over the weekend now...unless I get some crafting done and I want to share. Have a fun weekend...


~Tonya said...

Sometimes we have to have days where we just do not get much done. LOL

Trims, trims and more trims...that means more work. :)

I love adding detail to my dollies. I am sure you will have lots of fun with all of your supplies and patterns.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jen,
have you worked with this stuff before? is it easy..Do you have any you would like to share...I will gladly pay for it of would be neat and the red too...Just let me know...