Monday, May 12, 2008

Yummy grubby candles

Look what I got in the mail, today. MMMM, they smell so good. I ordered these for little presents to go along in the packaging for my dollies.
I got this idea from a few of the artist's out there Annie, Tonya and Kaf have been given them. So, yes, I am copying, except mine are bought not made. (Someone handmade them, just not me.)

So, those of you who thought I was a "jack of all trades" LMAO right! I would never get anything done. I have to limit my crafts to just a few now, that way I can actually accomplish something. lol

These are almost too scrumptious to send out. Maybe I will save them for my high bidders. LMAO So, start bidding people! Speaking of bidding, Beatrice and Lady Laramie were sold to two seperate homes. I may have a special order for them going to the same home. That would be my first special order and well, I am not making much on them, unfortunately, but ya gotta start somewhere, right. They were fun to make and I will have to change them up a bit for that special order, since I advertised them as "one of a kind."

So, this week I am working on a pink fairy and of course I will make her a friend. Do I seem lonely? I always make my dollies with friends. Oh well, two are better than one, I guess. Time to get to work, seriously, I have been procrastinating all day! Toodles!


~Tonya said...

Don't ya just love candles! Ya think I make my own candles? You are NUTS! I don't have time to make my own candles...I do decorate them thou!

I love adding gubby ties and tags...Handstamped papers and hemp ties. Too many things you can add, it is just endless.

Some are too yummy to give away. Almost everyone loves candles.

Have fun making your girls again. That is so nice you have a special order. I take some special orders every now and then. I think they appreciate it. :)

Have a good evening Jenny.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

OMG, Tonya! Your not the goddess I thought you were...LMAO. Just kidding. Annie sent me red ones once. They are awesome, do you know what I am talking about?

You are so ambitious with you details! I hope I can be more like you, someday!

Hugs back,


Pea said...

I love that gals candles and yes I have done my own. I only do them once a year though and sell most of them at my show. But I need to have Tonya decorate them. LOL
Special orders are wonderful.
HOw fun for you.
Glad your dollies sold. With ebay sales sooo slow pennies are better then none.
Just the way it is right now.