Thursday, May 8, 2008

Itty Bitty Witch

Well, my camera has had it, so this picture is just horrible. This little girl is gonna be a tiny little witch. I struggled yesterday with her feet (the filler kept ripping holes in her shoes)

Normally, I would just make new legs for her, but well, I still get that dreaded PMS, so my patience was gone! So, I glued her ass (literally) to a box. LMAO I have a couple of dolls in my office that were made like that, so she will be fine. She is the perfect size for someones table or desk.
She has so much work left to her I should get going.
I do not have a pattern for her hat or anything for her to hold, so I have to wing it. I think I am a little intimidate about it really. I am not looking forwarded to making 5 different hats to get one that will work...LOL At least not while my patience has left me. If you know what I mean, girls.

So, my Halloween friends sold yesterday on E-bay. I am not rich, but thankful anyway. It can be hard at times, cuz I see all the lovely dolls I own and have paid (big bucks for) and then I look at mine and think...Dang I would have paid more for that myself. Then it is hard to sell any, right?

My friend Brenda from Rusty Creek Primitives emailed me last night with this " I want you to know that your excited artistic spirit inspires me. I go to your blog when I need a kick in the pants to get moving and remember the creative fun of it all. You are really doing well girlfriend. I am so proud of you for not giving up and it's your attitude that got me going and sewing the witch doll. " It makes me happy that I can bring some sunshine into peoples lives at times when they need it. It is not intentional, it is just me.
I have a few wonderful friends out there that visit my blog and always respond. I think they keep me going. So, thank you ladies! Pea, Tonya and Annie for keeping my spirits up when I need it too. I have gotten a lot of encouragement from them and I think they keep me going when I need it as well.
So, off I go to get some things done. I gotta get those packages sent and run a couple of errands. I hope I can get motivated to make a couple witch hats, today. UGGHH. So, who's gonna sell a witch pattern? Tonya? Annie? I could use the practice. Yes, I am a scaredy cat :)
It is cold, rainy and kind of gloomy out. The house is dark, perfect for witch making, right? Till tomorrow, have a good one.


Pea said...

Awwwwwwww how nice Jenny. You go girl I am sure this will be as cute as can be.
Yep, you make me tired. ROFLOL but it also makes me feel guilty cause you get so much done. Drats.. LOL
Okay off to clean house. I got new fabric today.. LOL LIke I needed that but ya know stripes are nice.

Jenny said...

LMAO! Right. I am sure you could keep up if your house looked messy like mine. Honestly, I do waist a lot of time...on the net and just piddling around. It is just when I am in the groove, I must just be fast. I usually only work for a few hours at a time...then I tend to go do something else for a bit.

Ya know, I should probably go unload the dishwasher, fold the laundry and maybe make the bed ....LMAO.

Don't worry I am new at it, I am sure my bubble will burst at some point. My wrist actually is bugging me now....great.


~Tonya said...

You crack me up glued her as* to a box. Whatever works.

So nice of Brenda to email you such kind words.

I love stopping always seem to have something new to chat about!

Thank you so much for the kind words. I think if all comes round full circle and we all keep each other going when the daily grind seems to be a little more then each of us can handle.