Monday, May 12, 2008

Too windy for pictures!

Well, that took about an hour. Colorado weather is so unpredictable. The wind started blowing so much, the flowers were just whipping around. I got a few nice pictures of greenery while I was there, but it loks like I gotta keep going back.
My favorite flowers to shoot are not blooming yet, either.
I heard back from my mom and they are heading out the weekend of memorial day. I am excited! It should be fun, plus she has never been to my home before. I think she is going to be in awh, I am sure. I doubt she has seen a home like mine before. She will have plenty to talk about when she gets back.


~Tonya said...

You have the wind to huh? It was sooo WINDY here in Minn. today, that you didn't even want to be out.

I did go and pick up a bunch of sticks thou.

Your picture is beautiful Jenny. You must have a lot of patience, if that picture took about an hour.

I bet you will enjoy your Mom's visit.


Jenny said...

Lol, no, I took about 10 pictures in an hour, probably less. But I had to walk around the whole place to get any decent pictures cuz most of the flowers where not blooming yet and everything else was just blowing around! LMAO It got so bad that one tree lost half its flowers in one cust!