Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Cave of the Winds

I wanted to share a couple more images from our weekend. This was taken on the deck of the building that is connected to the cave. Afraid of hieghts, anyone?

Well, other news in my world: We wrote a contract for that property we looked at a couple weeks ago. I love the location (only 15 minutes from a huge shopping complex, that has absolutely everything--including Michaels :) We offered quite a bit less than the asking, so I am nervous about it. You see, I just raised the bar on my property search because of this location.

All the other properties were so far, if I do not get this one, my search will be more difficult. I may need your prayers on this one, ladies.

The home needs quite a bit of remodeling, but it is livable. That is very important to me, since I will need to sell my home and move into this one while I remodel. It is huge, 3700 square feet, above ground, and the option to finish a walk out basement. Like I need more square footage in the basement, right? It does have 4 bedrooms, so that is awesome..I could have 2 quest rooms now, so I can accomodate more peeps:) Anyway, I do not want to jinks it by talking about it too much. I will keep you posted!

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