Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spooky Sauville

Introducing Baylie Bat's friend Spooky Sauville "Sauville" is French and means "From the willow farm." He visits Baylie at the castle all the time! He is totally NOT spooky, by any means, but they chuckle at the thought. I will be listing this set together with Sauville's brother, who I am still working on. They are so cute. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did creating them.

Spooky was cronstructed using a Back Porch Pickins pattern. You will see many patterns this year and hopefully some new ones from me, eventually. The picture is not the best. It is gloomy out today. I will have to take brighter ones, tomorrow, when the weather is better! I still cannot believe it is snowing, today! I hope you are having a cozy day. I had my AC on yesterday and now I want turn the fireplace on! LMAO...


~Tonya said...

You did a great job Jenny! Love the name of him. Very neat.

I can tell you are having fun and that is what it is all about. :)


Pea said...

Oh adorable Jenny. I love tonya's patterns and you did such a wonderful job on him. Love the stories, and names. Add so much fun to them.
Just keep having fun, It really is addicting huh?