Friday, May 16, 2008


I wish this was me right about now. My sleepy baby. Too much to do, though. I did not work on my dolls yesterday afternoon, so I gotta get crackin today. I wanted them done by Monday and I have a busy weekend ahead, so I hope I can get a move on.

I get to make Beatrice Bumble when I am finished. She was fun to make (besides my struggles with her stripes) but hopefully my machine will cooperate this time.

Other than that I need to get my home ready for my mom's visit and I won't be making anything while she is would be nice to get her help though...the lady can sew!! LOL But that would not be nice would it? lol

So as much as I love to hang on my blog with ya, I gotta get a move on. The dollies don't make themselves.

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Pea said...

as soon as you learn how to get them dollies to make them selves you just pass that info my wayyyyyyyyyy! ROFMAO.
I haven't made a dolly in 2 weeks. Bad, bad pea huh?
Okay guilty. I think I will work tonight. Gotta get moving.