Monday, May 19, 2008


Shadow loves watching the birdies from the window. I love her little cackle. So cute.

Well mama is busy today trying to finish my pink fairy doll and hoping to start a bumble bee. I would love to get them shipped out by Thursday, or even sooner if I can.

After that I will probably take a little break from the dolls for maybe a week. I have no bids on my witches, yet. I am trying not to be too upset about it. My sister said she would love to have the Letya my little witch. She totally fell in love with her. We'll see.

I feel like the queen of give away right now. If it were not for Roxanne and a couple other ladies who bought my dolls, I may be really discouraged.
I cannot let it bother me. I have a closet full of supplies, so I gotta keep it up...right?


Pea said...

It is getting us all. Keep up the work sweets. It will come. Just keep on plugging away.
That kitty is so cute behind the curtain.

~Tonya said...

What a sweet little picture. I pick our Kingfisher up today, from the vet. I am sure he will be in pain. Poor kitty.

My Lulu cackles too, it is not really a cackle, but a strange noise and I love it.

Glad you sold both of your dollies, no giving them away and no being upset :)

Isn't it nice to have some really good always helps.

And do not let it bother you, if they do not sell at times. You have to keep plugging away.

Have a great day Jenny.

Jenny said...

Thanks ladies for the words of encouragement. I may seem all gung ho at times, but I am just human. Thanks for always visiting it makes me happy!

Love ya,