Friday, May 30, 2008

My Newest Purchase

This is my newest e-bay auction win. It is absolutely, gorgeous. I have been collecting a lot of angels, lately.

Sometimes, like today, I feel I need a little Angel in my life. I was bumbed to hear about the other contract on the property in the country, yesterday and today I am not very motivated to do much.

I did get Beatrice Bumble II almost finished... I wondered if I procrastinated because I made her before. You all know what I am talking about. Isn't it more fun to create new things than remaking the old. No offence to Roxanne, my loveliest customer for the order, but there was not the same excitement making her..although, she turned out even better than the original :) which is fabulous!

Maybe I just have a funk or something. I felt sort of depressed the last couple of days. All the hype about what I wanted to do with that home and now, well honestly, I don't give a *&^^% anymore. LOL I realize it is gonna take time to find a home in that area or we'll have to build ourselves. I am just really tired of all the let down in regards to the country move, if that makes sense. It would be easier if I just knew we'd just stay here for another year. I am tired of looking.


Pea said...

Oh Jenny,
Sorry to hear about that. What will be will be. Patience is God teaching you that? LOL He works with me on that one too.
I adore the painting. Beautiful. YOu really could decorate my house. LOL
Have a good one my dear. Holler if ya wanna chat.

~Tonya said...

Isn't that such a pretty angel painting. I really like it. We all need angels to watch over us from time to time.

So happy you finished your special order. And yes, we do tend to drag our feet on special orders a bit. It is just the way it is. :)

So sorry that you have been a bit depressed lately. That is no fun. I hope you feel better soon and that things work out for you Jenny. It can be like riding a roller coaster at times, with house shopping.


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Jenny Dear,

Hey !!! Brighten up over there.. you probably have more sunshine than us easterners.. here in PA.. LOL..
Things happen for a reason.. so all will work out in the end.. ya just never know what's around the corner..

As for special orders,... the excitement is not there like it is when creating something new... wish it was.. but it's not.. but it's nice that people think of us to do them...

May you have a most pleasant weekend...
Let the sunshine..let the sun shine in... smile ... God loves you and so do we...

Hugs and Blessings,
Linda P.S. Love the angel pix.. and the dollie you won from TONYA.. I love that Annie dollie.. lucky you..

Jenny said...

Hi ladies,

Thanks so much for all the kind words. I am feeling better. Tonya sent me some goodies with my garland and that was such a fun surprise.
Thanks so much.

Thanks for being there. I generally do not have a shoulder to cry on except hubby and we all know men are idiots when it comes to making you feel better. LOL

So again, thanks for being my friend. I have to get used to the idea of chatting with people about my emotional baggage. ;)