Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Happy Cat

I will be re-listing my kitty doll this week on e-bay. He was one of my first ever dolls. His muzzle is alpaca fiber that I needle felted in place. His eye lids are made of felt and sewn on and his wiskers are made of leather. He is really adorable and very whimsy.

I will be busy making another bumble bee for a special order andI have to finish the pink fairy (they are both going to the same of my best customers)

After that I may be taking a week off or so to finish other things around the house. I hope everyone is doing great this weekend.


~Tonya said...

Your kitty is so sweet. Glad that you are getting some special orders.

Your pink fairy already sold? Wow! I am sure your custmer will adore your dollies.

Have a great day and I hope you are feeling better.


Pea said...

Hi Jenny,
Hope you are feeling better. Good thing to have customers like that huh? I am greatful that I have had a few like that.
Staying busu huh? I actually have something almost done to list this week. Miricle huh? LOL
have a good one