Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I cannot get motivated, right now. I have a huge list of things I need to accomplish within the next 2 hours, but I just cannot get going. Maybe after I write this I can get my bumm in gear.

That is what happens when I have too much going on. I get over loaded and just don't want to do anything! I had my last adobe photoshop class, today. I got a lot out of that class. Now all I need to do is upgrade mine to CS3.

My blogs have been really short, lately. Maybe next week my life will feel more boring and I can waist it writting more about useless banter. I miss emailing my friends, but I know I got too much to do, so that will have to wait! I hope everyone is getting ready for a gorgeous holiday weekend.


~Tonya said...

I can not get motivated with my dollies...well, my coughing has a lot to do with it.

I hope you got your stuff done today. I did get a lot of things done today, but didn't work on my dollie.

I am glad that you learned a lot in your class. I wish I could take one. I need to learn more.

Have a good night.

Jenny said...

Hi Tonya. I got some stuff done, but not all, time to do that today.

Well if I can help with teaching you anythign you want to know I will. You are probably better than me though. LOl