Saturday, May 10, 2008


Introducing Letya, which means "tiny and womanly." She is a little witch who is mounted to a little round box. She is really cute, isn't she. She fits perfectly on a table or desk. She was made from an adapted pattern from Back Porch Pickins, fairy doll. This is the first time I used glass eyes. I only have tiny ones, so I had to use them on her. Her dress is decorated with garland and she is holding a "Happy Halloween" sign. Plus, was is crunged with coffee and cinamon, yummy.

I did not think I would be bloggin over the weekend, but I woke up early to get my new camera. YIPPY. I bought a low-end professional is sweet. So, I could not wait to try it out on my new dollies.

Little miss Letya will be listed on Monday afternoon. I will include the link then. I really hope you enjoyed looking at my little witch.


Pea said...

Awwwwwwwwwww cute! You must research alot of names.
Got to cook dinner.

~Tonya said...

Isn't Letya so very sweet. I like little dollies too. They can almost fit anywhere.

So neat how you name your dollies with meanings behind them.

I am soooo stuck on Halloween right now and I need to not be, because there is soooo much in between now and then.

I wish you many bids on you little witch dollie.


Jenny said...


Yes, I actually go thru a website with names. Wierd, I know. I just like the story behind them. I wanted to make this little witch a spells book (that was too big) and tell a story about her little sister, Blair, accidentally shrinking her...LMAO

The book though would have been too much work, right now I cannot get into trying to make things I have no idea how to...LMAO

Someday though!



Jenny said...


(Do you guys even read these responses?) lol

Halloween is very fun, but honestly, I need to get those Americana dolls doen before it is too late. I have plenty of fabric and more thanks to Pea. SO, no excuses here.

I want to use that pink hais, so I have to make a pink fairy next, though!

Thanks for visiting both of you!

Love & hugs,


Jenny said...

Oh PS, While I was searching for names I found out my name is actually celtic!!! Interesting!

Pea said...

Pink haired Fairy. How cool is that? Love the idea. YOu go girl. Now pass the coffee so I can get into gear!
Ha ha