Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lady Laramie

Introducing my newest creation. "Laramie" means from the green grove. She was created from the Back Porch Pickins pattern, Lydie Bug. I love how she turned out. She is so very whimsical. I did not grung her at all, cuz I really liked her bright colors.
She has black tulle under her dress and her wings. This picture does not show that very clearly, so I may have to get a closer look for her ebay listing. She will be listed tomorrow, with her friend...whom will be making an appearance tomorrow morning.
I hope you enjoyed checking Lady Laramie out and I hope you return to see her friend, as well.
From my garden to yours...may your friends bring you sunshine and flowers. :)


Annie said...

She is Fabulous!!! Beautifully done Jenny..I just think your doing awesome with your dolls!! Good luck and many many bids!!

~Tonya said...

I Love the names you pick out for your dollies. Just so very neat.

Both of your dolls are so neat. Maybe someone will buy both of them...so they can stay together :)

Jenny said...

You guys are so sweet! :)