Friday, May 2, 2008

Fabric Ho!

It is chilly out today. I can feel it in the house. Here I am still in my PJ's, lol. I need to put a sweater on. I feel weird turning the heat's supposed to be spring! My office is nice and clean today...not for long. I am starting my Lady Bug doll.
I had to purchase more fabric. OMG, is right. I felt I needed something more suitble for my lady bug and of course ended up with more. This isn't even the last of it. I found some neat fabric on Treadbare Primitives...LOL I bought some really grungy patterns to start working on..not really whimsical, but I am sure I can put some flare into them. :)
I know, not very exciting, but to all the doll makers out there, it is! lol I have decided to work on one doll at a time, for a bit. The last two dolls faces turned out so similiar. I really did not intend to do that. So, we'll see if I can accomplish one project at a time. LOL A.D.D. Okay, well I have wasted too much time already. Time to start working.

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