Thursday, May 8, 2008


It's not really my birthday, but it sure feels like it. OMG! My friend Pea from Pea Pickers Primitves sent along this little bear to go with the little clown I won on e-bay. They are so fabulously done and I love how she painted the actual sticks (sorry I don't know what they are really called...shakers)

Wow, what a great lady. I am sooo thankful, you have no idea how sweet it is of her to send me something like this. I am sure she spent long hours working on that little cutie. Well, She will be gracing my desk, so I can have them watching me while I create. YIPPY!

The pictures do not do them any all know my camera is barely working. I have to manipulate each image after I downloaded, just so you can see it. I get a new one this weekend :)

So, anyway, Pea also sent me some fabric. I sent her some a couple weeks ago. Well, I just have to say I feel I got the better end of that deal! Sorry Pea! I love my fabric and trim! Now I am gonna have to make something "Americana" before that time is over!

I think my head is ready to pop off, girls. So, much to do!
Oh, and guess what else Pea sent me.....A pattern for these really cool Halloween shakers. She came to my rescue when i was complaining (I know me complaining...right) lol about not having a pattern for a witch or a hat. What a nice lady! I tell ya. I wish I had time to make them this week.

So, you see it seems to be my birthday, not that I want to be 39 any sooner than I will be. :) Holy cow, did I say 39...oh, I meant 29! HEEHEE.

I hope you all have a sweet friend who is a gift giver. I certain am a gift giver and I love getting gifts as well.

I hope that I can repay her with a sweet surprise again soon!


Pea said...

You are so funny! You got the better deal? Not hardly there squirt. LOL
Now fluff up that poor clowns hair, he looks like he had too many kids that day. LOL
Oh what a honor to have them grace your desk while you work.
Thank you my friend. Loves ya too.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Dear Jenny,

May I say your precious darling dolls ( the bee and the ladybug )are the sweetest!... Just love them.. Tonya is a fabulous pattern and doll creator.
Wishing you many big bids and happy days creating..

Hugs and Blessings,
Linda meadowbrookcabinprimitives

~Tonya said...

Well a Happy Day to you in deed! So nice of Pea to send you all those goodies.

Now both of you have lots of sewing to do with your new fabrics...


And Thank you so much for the kind words Linda :)

Jenny said...


I still think I did get the better deal..LMAO cuz they are so darling. Now I look upon them daily as I do my morning blog. :)

They are amazing my friend, if I did not say already. I think I did. So better in person too!

Thanks again!


Jenny said...


Wow, I love when someone new pops by my blog. Thanks for the compliments on my little bug girls.. Tonya is a superstar and I am glad I did her patterns some justice!

Thanks for the kind words. Now I have to come visit your blog. :)

Blessing, Jenny

Jenny said...


Hi there friend. Yes, Pea was so generous to give me the little Bear. I love my fabric, now I need twomore arms :)

Keep coming back! Hugs,


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for adding me to your blog.. I would love to add all you wonderful artists also to mine, when I figure out how to do that..
I really haven't had time to really concentrate on it lately... adding new lists and such..
Thank you for your compliment about my doll on Tonya's blog site.

Have a wonder filled weekend,