Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cotton Pickin Ranch

Look what I just got in the mail, today! My first painting from Karen from Cotton Pickin Ranch. She lives in Colorado! I did not know that!

This painting was on the Pfatt Marketplace. I cannot beleive it was still available, so I had to snag it.

I have one of her dolls that I won on ebay. I have not seen any more dolls from her since, really. I think cuz I STOLE the last one..Sorry Karen! ( It was a little sheep. You can see her in one of my "office" photo's on an earlier blog. )

Anyway, I sent her a couple of my flower prints, cuz I feel guilty about how little I spent on her doll. I am that way, I do not know why. I always gotta give. I feel artists deserve a lot for their work. Probably because I know how much work goes into it.


Pea said...

Love the painting. It will be very pretty in your office.
I hope to win one someday. One can only hope.
Have a wonderful day.

~Tonya said...

Karen has done some wonderful paintings. I miss her dollies thou.

So very thoughtful of you to send her some of your flower prints. I am sure she will love them.

Have a good one.

Jenny said...

Hi Sweet Pea,
I hope you win one to. When is your birthday? I loved the pink and the blue in this painting and it does look really cute in my office.


I really miss her dolls to! But I have the sheep and it is sooo precious. So unique, I am very lucky to have it.

hugs to you both.


Cotton Pickin' Ranch said...

Oh girls my ears have been burning! Jenny you are so sweet to feature my painting on your blog. You are such a sweet lady! You already know I love the prints! Hugs to you my friend!

Hey new friend and Tonya, is that you my old doll making friend?

Ok, here's the scoop on doll making for me. I am proud to announce that my veggie dolls are featured in the summer edition of the art doll quarterly magazine. So, I will be making dolls again, however I am so touched by my angel customers. I have met some of the most wonderful people out there who for some reason or another need an angel. It's amazing and I guess I'm obsessed with painting angels. I just need to find more time to devote to both!
Hugs to all!!

Pea said...

I will win one some day I am sure.
My birthday. 1431 BC LOL. the first month of the year. When everyone hates that time of the year. But that is what I get for being a month late. LOL
when is yours?