Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chunky Yarn

I do not have much to blog about today. We went to the Alpaca show. I bought some nice bulky yarn that I will make a matching set (hat & scarf) with. I think I will save this for my first crochet class this summer. Yes, I knit in the summer. I'd love to do a cool chunky hat out of this.

Boy, this yarn was not cheap, by any means. The Alpaca were so sweet. There was a little cria boy who just wanted to cuddle with me...very neat. Now I smell like alpaca. I wish I would have brought my camera, today.

We'll I am off to work on a doll. Have a great weekend!

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~Tonya said...

I bet you had a blast Jenny. Those little baby Cria's are so very is the alpaca.

They are such amazing animals to watch. We use to have 5, the kids adored them...funny, I got stuck doing everything for them!

That yarn is awesome. It is expensive, but the fiber is the BEST!