Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Look at her here just loving hanging out. Lately, it has been so nice out that she bypasses breakfast and heads outside. It is so nice having our backyard secure enough to allow her to be out there by herself (or with the dog) lol.

She still has not figured out the dog door. I guess that is a good thing. So, I don't have to shut it at night. You should see her get upset when the dog goes thru it. I think she is jealous! Sometimes, she won't let Gin back in. Funny.

I think my dog is going deaf. I came home yesterday and was able to walk right up to her and she was so startled that I was right there. She usually can hear me coming. So, much for security....she'd sleep right thru anything.

Well, I think it is time to get to work. Have a fun day, today, everyone!


~Tonya said...

Your kitty is adorable Jenny. I am sure she is enjoying her time out. Today started out a beautiful day here...

and now rain, high winds, possible hail, lightning and thundering. Oh well.

Have a good evening.

Pea said...

LOVE the kitty Jenny! Hug her for me,
as far as your pup goes, our dog was blind and deaf and she still scared off folks. The cat will hear it and the dog will react. No worries. Kitties don't like strangers just walking in. LOL