Saturday, May 10, 2008


Introducing Blair Witch. Yes, I named her Blair. In memory of a movie that I did not think was scary at all. LMAO. So, here she is. I finished her early and could not wait to share her. She was made from an adapted pattern from Back Porch Pickens. I altered her shoes, so they look more like boots and I designed her dress and hat. This was my first witch hat, so I am very happy that it turned out so cool.

Her little skeleton shaker is from a Back Porch Pickins pattern, as well. I was kind of skeptical about how he was going to turn out at first, but I am very happy with him. I would love to make a bunch of these for my next halloween party.
They would make great party favors.

Blair is almost too sweet to sell, once again! I am going to be kind of sad when all my friends leave for new homes. I have the little bug girls hanging on my wall in my office waiting for a home...boohoo They leave on Monday or Tuesday. Am I the only one who feels this way?


Pea said...

I get happy when something goes and sad too. It is a catch 22 everytime. LOL
I LOVE HER! You did a great job on that hat and the noise maker too. How cute.
Love the colors of her dress, her name suits her. BTW it scared me, but nothing is compaired to the ring for me. Her coming out of that t.v. was it! OHHHHH BAAAAAA It scares me to think of it. LOL
Have a beautiful weekend and great camera! YEH

~Tonya said...

Your Blair is so neat and love the noise maker. I think those noise makers would be great party favors.

Oh and the can put in front of the TV with practically any scary movie and it does not bother me a bit. I love scary movies.

You new camera takes really nice pictures. I will have to invest in a new one sometime soon.

Oh and I knew you could not stay away from blog land LMAO!!

Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...


Thanks for your compliments on Blair. I did not like the ring, yes it scared me so much I decided..Ya know I don't think I need to be watching these kinds of movies anymore....LMAO
Seriously, I don't! Cuz I get nightmares and I just think why contaminate my brain with those kinds of things...SISSY!

Hugs and have a fun weekend!

Jenny said...


I do love how our noise maker pattern turned out! Man you are much better than me. I have to cover my ears and eyes when I watch really scary stuff...I am such a baby.

Good thing I don't have kids, they'd be making fun of me! LMAO

Yes, the camera is a NIkon DX, the cheapest professional camera. I almost bought the most expensive non-professional but they were out, so I spent a little bit more, but got a great one! Don't as how much though....More than a bosche dishwasher! LMAO ( god, I sound like a builder..) lol

Have a fun weekend!