Friday, May 9, 2008

The Blair Witch Project

OOOH, Who was scared watching that movie? LMAO. Not I, but myboyfriend at the time was and it was strange to see a grown man frightened. LOL

So, this is a little view of my other witch that I am working on. She isn't even really put together here, lol her arms and legs are just dangling. So, that is what I am doing today...attaching all her limbs, finishing her outfit and making something for her to hold. I have no ideas yet, so at least that will be a surprise.

She looks so much better in person. I think she is turning out just right for "my style". Whimsy. I like how her feet and hat turned out (the hat is larger, but here it is cut off from the photograph) I used a Back Porch Pickins Pattern, but altered her shoes for the witchy boot look. I think I did pretty good for my first time. :)

This will be the last crappy photo with this camera. Since I will getting my new one this weekend, I may not blog, hhmmm we'll see. I will have a lot to with the yard and finishing my Halloween girls before Monday. That is when I am hoping to list them.
To those of you who think " Man, how does she do it...or I cannot keep up with her.." Well, I am trying to get as many dolls done as I can because I spent so much money on supplies...It could take me 3 months just to recoup it all. So, I got work to do! :) Whatever, right?

I am sitting here typing in my lovely office. Gosh I just can sit here and look at all the pretty things all morning! It is a wonder I do get anything done around here. On that note...I think I will scedaddle so I can start creating. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies out there! I hope you kids are good to you. LOL As for me, I just gave god a thank you last night (while listening to a child screaming in a restaurant) LMAO. I know I am mean sometimes. I am just set in my ways, I guess.


~Tonya said...

Isn't she so sweet. Is she going with the itty bitty witch?

I hope you have fun camera shopping. They you have to learn to use it...that is not the fun part.

Jenny, do you think you can go a whole weekend with NO Blogging? LMAO

Have a great day.

Pea said...

She is gonna be so durn cute. I just love the beauty mark.
Oh a whole weekend or day for that matter and no blogging? MMMMMmmmmmmm don't know there girlfriend. If you do that then who will I visit? No one else blogs as much as you. LOL
Have the best weekend my friend.
Can't wait to see them dollies.

Jenny said...

LMAO...No one else blogs as much as me? Well, that is probably true. I just am so darn sick of this camera, I always love to put pictures with my blogs. LOL

So, maybe I will if something interesting to write about...LOL

It gets kinda boring all by myself here at home. Kitties don't talk much!

I cannot wait to share those dollies either! Come this Sunday or Monday hopefully!



Annie said...

She is so very cute!Can't wait to see them all listed.....
I remember my boys wanting to see that movie..We even ( when in DC..went to some little town in Maryland that parts of it was filmed..The kids thought that was cool..
have a good weekend Ladies!! I'll be back on Monday....whoohooo a few days away from home...yippeeee!