Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alpaca Sheering Day

I visited Weather'd T Ranch today. It was sheering day! These Alpaca are anxiously waiting to be spead out on the floor and shaved.
How fun for them, right?
They will enjoy it later when it is hot here! It was a full weekend event at this farm, who have more than 100 alpaca and llama.
Plus, they had neighboring farms bring their alpaca too! What an event. This farm had a really nice set up. They said they did not start out that way, though.
This little guy is on 8 months old, the are big before they get their fleece taken off. Look how tiny he is. I pet this little one afterwards and he was totally fine with it. I think he was like wooow, this is weird and he could actually feel my hands on him. He felt like a chanille blanket.
Everyone there was great. They all piched in to get it all organized. The fleece looked incredible on the carding table.

A few of them were making all kinds of sounds. I felt bad for them. They shaved a 750 pound llama. I have pitcures of that, but I cannot share all of them cuz it would take up pages and pages of my blog...Anyway, the llama's fleece was litterally a huge rug when it came off! WOW.
Pictured here is only a little boy, so imagine how much an animal 10 times bigger than him. LOl
Well, I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my day. The weekend is fabulous and I will be planting flowers tomorrow!

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~Tonya said...

Wasn't it so neat to see, Jenny! I can not believe how much of their bodies are fleece.

I don't think they like to be shaved, but appreciate it when it gets so warm out.

Neat pictures. I think that alpacas are such very neat animals.

Have a great day.