Friday, April 4, 2008

TOO CUTE! Jordan, this is fabulous!

I had to add this cutie to my blog. I am bidding on it on ebay. The auction ends this Sunday. I hope I get her. This will probably be my last prim doll purchase for quite a while. I just do not have anymore room! The creator of this cutie is 12 year old, Jordan. His momma is Back Porch Pickens, Tonya. The quality of workmanship is awesome. I hope he keeps it up.

I have thought about selling some of my older prim collection. Some of the pieces I have had for a while I have put away to make room for the really nice ones. (Not that they are not nice) I just have some of my favorites. I may be adding these, periodically, to E-bay, incase anyone is interested.


~Tonya said...

Awww, how sweet is that! Thank you, Jenny. Jordan will be thrilled that you have posted Miss Libb on your blog.

I will show him, when he gets home from school.

You were talking how you may part with some of your dollies....isn't that a hard thing to do?

At times, we all have to make room for more pretties and pass on our treasures, to someone else that will love them just the same.

Have a great weekend Jenny.

Jenny said...

Honstly, I only ahve 2 or 3 that I am willing to part with. All the others are very dear to me and i could never get rid of them I don't think.