Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring is running a little late

Wow, what a lazy butt I've been today. I am still in my pj's beleive it on not. Just hanging out in the library, watching a movie. Shadow boo decided to nap on my lap and I did not want to disturb her :) I suppose it is time to get myself in gear. I wanted to organize the closet in my office today. So, I guess I should stop putting it off.

I won Jordon's "Miss Libb" on ebay last night. I cannot wait to get that pretty package in the mail. Other than that, there's not much exciting in my part of the world.

It actually snowed, for a little while, today. The forecast calls for pretty yucky weather, all week. At least we'll get a chance for another ski day. I think Vail got hammered yesterday! SWEET.

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