Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rockies baseball

This photo was taken last season, during the playoffs, with Dave's cousin. Now, I am not a sports fan, by any means, but I do love to go to live events for the social scene, beer and hot dogs. Football games I avoid, because you always got belligerent drunk people either in front or behind you fighting and lots of spilled beer. Not my cup of tea. Baseball games are more of a family affair. You'll rarely ever deal with that, there.

I want to get some pictures of the flowering trees in our neighborhood this afternoon, when I take our dog for a walk. So, I will share them with you all, later. This blog has inspired me to start taking more photo's. Mostly, because I know I will be running out of things to share. LOL Soon, I will get to go to the Botanic Gardens to add to my digital photography. I missed going last year. I am excited about it, actually. I love flowers!

For now, well I am not doing much, really. I should get to the craft store. I am not motivated to do that, yet. It is so nice out. I just want to hang around!

Have a fun day, everyone!

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~Tonya said...

I bet you have fun at the games, minus the drunk scenes. :)

I too love flowers. And flowering trees are so pretty. What I love is how all the beautiful butterflies are attracted to flowers....oh and not to forget about hummingbirds.

I hope you had a good walk with your doggie.