Thursday, April 10, 2008


My sister in law, the mother of my rocker nephew, is a poet. She has not published a book, yet, but I am trying to work with her to illustrate a children's book. Here is a peek. Isn't it cute?


Beesting- OUCH!, why does it bite so hard,
Beesting- OUCH!, that feels like a glass shard.
Now I'm going to swell and get all red,
And wish I would have stayed in bed.
I want to ask you, Mr. Bumble Bee,
Why do you want to sting me?
I didn't do anything to you,
I didn't even try to swat with my shoe.
You hurt me and I want you to know,
I could've done without that hurt, so...
Please go away from here,
There's some lovely flowers over there.
Go make honey or whatever you do,
And I'll try to stay away from you.

(C) 2007 Crystal M Carter all rights reserved

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