Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Nephew -- The Rock Star

Check out my nephews band photo. I have heard a basement recording of them (on myspace)and well, it was just a bunch of screeming to They are total mosh pit rockers, I guess. I just thought I would share. He is only 15 years old. It is so neat! "Pray for Plagues" interesting. Kind of a demented name. Kids these days, right? Anyway, he is the boy on the far right. With the long curly hair. He doesn't care for school all that much (I never did either) but at least he is doing something, right? He has dreams, that is all that counts. I really wish the best for him.

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~Tonya said...

Yup, you have to DREAM! That is a neat pic of the group. I also like the way they had the name written.

Very Unique!