Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kitty Doll

I listed this on ebay two weeks ago, but it did not sell. The nice woman that purchased my other doll at the time requested this one as well, so here goes. You can find Monica the cute little kitty on ebay today.
Honestly, she was almost too cute to give up. If I keep her then I definately won't have room to buy from my favorite artists, though. "I do not make art to keep. I want others to enjoy her. "
I am still a "starving" artist, but thank god for my success in Interior Design & Real Estate, right? If I can sell my art, jeez for at least a little, maybe I will keep bringing new things. I will get better with practice.
My friend, Jane, at Gritty Arts Studio has been painting her lovely Angels for years...I mean a long time! She said if I keep working at it, I will look back and be amazed at my first paintings and dollies.
This is my very first year at this folk art/whimsical style. It is fun and I have so much inspiration from just sitting at my desk.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me and especially those who have purchased my art. I greatly appreciate it!

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