Friday, April 18, 2008

Kissing Sheep

I gotta get some work done today. So, I will keep this brief. This picture is so cute. It is my nephew Domonic. Yes, I made him kiss the sheep. Aunt Jenny took all the neices and nephews to the county fair last year, when I was visiting Ohio for my 20 year reunion. YES 20 year High School reunion. SO, now you probably can guess my age. HEEHEE. This sheep is actually very pretty, huh? I love animals.


Pea said...

They are both so cute. Very sweet picture Jenny.
have a wonderful weekend. I played housewife or domestic Goddess today. 8 hours is enough cleaning don't ya think? LMAO.

TheCracklingCrows said...

Awww....Jenny I miiiss Colorado sooo much!!!
When we retire I would like to live there!!! CO is one of my favorite States :)Awesome pictures!

I love the "Kiss" cute :)

hugs Ivonne

Jenny said...

Well, you are welcome to come visit anytime. We have plenty of room! Since you love it here, then I will have to start taking more pictures for ya!

Hugs to you to,


~Tonya said...

Aww for sweet. 20 year reunion, you sure do not look it :)

I agree, the sheep is pretty. I am with you, I don't want to go and work for someone either. I love working for myself. I work more then 40 hours, but that is my choice :)

I hope you enjoy all of the things that you are looking to begin.