Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Wednesday?!

Well, I am getting back to work, today. I have 4 paintings that I started. Hopefully, I will finish them by Friday.

I started my little americana doll. She is pictured here with "Lucky Star". This doll will be the listed with two other dolls that I was intending to make for my Americana series.

I have to get to the fabric store for one last thing before making them. I love this star fabric and am going to use it for the dress of my other doll.

I am not sure, yet, if I will included one kitty and one girly doll. Like I did with the birthday series.

I loved the birthday cake that I made for that one. It was pretty fun to make to. I need to think of something to needle felt for this one.

It feels like Thursday, today. I don't know why. The sun is trying to come out. At least it is not as yucky out as the weather man predicted. I hope it is warm and sunny where you are.

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Pea said...

Too cute jen,
well all american girl needs a apple I would say or apple pie. The only thing I can come up with. Hope it helps ya. Have the best day. Just rainy, rain and more rain here this week.