Thursday, April 3, 2008

I cannot believe I am still not finished with this...

Here is another upholstered chair that I started, oh...back in 2006! I still have to finish blind stitching the arms. You can see the curved needle still sticking in the side. I love the material I selected for this. It was my first attempt at a somewhat shabby chique look. This chair sits in my guest room, so it never really gets any company. I do have plenty of dolls in there, though. Which I have tried to show in these pictures. I doubt I will be creating anymore chairs. My 3,000 square foot home is full at this point. I would have to have a pretty big shop to start working on furniture for others.

This dresser I got out of a home that we renovated. Those of you with little girls may recognize it as a set that was popular a while back. It was originally a cream color. I painted it black and added gold accents around the detailing and handles, to try to give it a slightly more mature look. I like it. Escpecailly because it was FREE :) Most of the other furniture I have acquired is quite expensive, so this little thing is very special to me. I get compliments on that mirror all the time, too....and of course, there is a doll sitting on it. I hope you enjoy the little tours of my home that I like to add every once in a while.

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