Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Cat

Well, here goes. I am putting "happy" on ETSY for 24.95, which is a deal because she took me days to make. She is number two on my doll making attempts. So, I hope someone likes her.

I took out my canvas today, so maybe I will have a new painting to add tomorrow. I got my painting dids on!

For those of you who prayed for my real estate sales. Yeah, we closed on the contemporary duplex yesterday! It was such a blessing to sell it to this couple. (They weren't even looking, but they loved my design so much..they had to have it!) It is too bad it is risky business, otherwise I would say I should stick with it. Those of you who really know my hopes and dreams, you all know I want to have an Alpaca Ranch! We'll continue to work in the real estate field, but maybe help other ranchers get their homes & barns built, instead of working in the BIG CITY!

P.S. For all you doll makers out there, I will be selling fine fiber for your dollies hair by next year.


Little ol* Me said...

Jenny, you've done such a lovely job on Happy! Wishing you the best of luck with her on eBay!

And congratulations on your real estate sale! I've just had a quick peek at some of your designs and I can see why they must have fallen in love with the place!

Thanks ever so much for stopping by my blog the other day! I'll be back creating again in the fall, so hopefully you'll have chance to pick up a lil' whimsy then.

Justine :)

Jenny said...

Wow, I am so thrilled YOU like her. Especially from someone soooo talented. I bid on your Presidentail election make do, but was bid out too quickly to respond. I was bumbed. I love all your stuff...so I look forward to it!


~Tonya said...

Your kitty is too sweet, Jen. I am thrilled to hear that you made a sale. CONGRATULATIONS. I bet you are Happy.

I hope you are able to have your alpaca ranch one day. We use to own 5 alpacas...they are a blast to say the least.

Such neat animals to watch. They all have such different personalities and boy, do we have the stories and laughs to prove it.


Jenny said...

Thanks Tonya. Well, we are on the fast tract to making my Alpaca Farm a reality. We are actively searching for land about an hour 1/2 outside of Denver. I would lvoe to move back to Ohio (where I grew up) but my hubby hates the weather there. Anyway, we are trying to do a a couple BIG Real Estate projects that will kick start our ability to start the farm, so I hope those turn out this year.

Thanks so much for reading all my blogs. I am totally thrilled to have such great people connected to my dreams. LOVE AND BLESSINGS!