Monday, April 14, 2008

Fabric Fiasco

So much for living in a big city. I went to Denver Fabrics, yesterday, to pick up some osnaburg for my dollies. I was hoping to pick up some pretty quilter's fabric, but they did not have any. I was totally not impressed by what little they did have. Granted they do have a nice upholstery section, but this is all I bought!

Does anyone know where I can get cool fabric online? I found one site with somecute Americana fabrics, but that was about it. I love pinks and flower prints. So, please let me know.


~Tonya said...

Hello Jenny,

Isn't it so neat to see the dolls in progress? Your dollie looks wonderful! Can't wait to see her all done.

I hope the links I sent you out. So much to choose from :)

Have FUN Creating.

Pea said...

check zeetzeet on ebay. She is fast shipping and wonderful fabrics. Has alot of the designer stuff. I will be joining you there in a few days. LOL

Pea said...

I love too. they have wonderful repro fabrics.
you have to show me what ya get..LOL so I can drool