Saturday, April 12, 2008

E for Excellent

I received an award today from my friend Tonya from Back Porch Pickins. Thanks so much, Tonya. A couple of the ladies you passed it on to would be on my list as well... Allegany Annies Annie's a really talented photographer and doll maker...I love looking at both and I enjoy her country living...sounds fun. The Crackling Crows Ivonne, even though her site is really new, I still check it almost daily to see what's up! And of course back to you Back Porch Pickins Tonya. She has made my day, everyday, with lovely dolls and inspirational conversations and just being a great lady to communicate with! Thanks for keeping me less lonely at home. No need to pass it on ladies. I just want you to know I really enjoy checking your blogs out. I also I want to give this award to Pea Pickers Primivites. Pea, thanks for all the wonderful comments on my blog. I really enjoy her blog, to! Last but not least, Sam I Am Creations. I really enjoy Sandy's travel pictures and I love her little Tippy.

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