Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Hiroshi, my friend from Japan took this photo.

Not much happening today. I started a new doll, my first angel. I ran out of stuffing, right in the middle of the doll, so I had to (once again) run to the craft store. I am waiting for some supplies I ordered on line for the Americana doll, before I finish her. She is almost done. I just want to make her crown really special with glitter and stuff.

I bought so much stuff for doll making yesterday, on the net...I am really excited about all the material I bought. I may make a couple more Americana dolls, then guess what...It is time to make halloween stuff! I hate to say it, but it is my favorite time of year. Fall, that is. I do love to play dress up and decorate, too! I am from Ohio and the leaves are spectacular there. Colorado has a brief period where the aspens are gorgeous, but you have to go up to the mountains to check them out.

Anyway, I have a class tomorrow. Lasting most of the day, so I may not be working on any dolls or blogging. Booh Hoo, right?

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Diane Duda said...

I just love visiting your blog , Jenny.
Always something interesting going on, and always something new and pretty to look at.