Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baylie Batt

Wow, I am finished with her. Her name means "Courtyard within the castle walls." Which I thought was really interesting. I love how she turned out. She is actually quite glamorous. I could not wait till this weekend to share her with you. I will be listing her, with her other halloween friends, hopefully by Friday or Saturday.

I like this pattern, from Back Porch Pickins, so much that I think I am going to make a witch out of her! She is the perfect size. I am still waiting on all sorts of patterns that I ordered, so I am soo looking forward to that. I even order more fabric...UHOH. I found some cool rustic fabric that I just had to have, cuz I ordered a really prim raggedy pattern I want to make! Fun!

I will have to share when I get all my goods! I got to get back to work on my two other halloween items I am working on, so have a glorious day (it is almost 80 degrees here in Denver!) HOT!

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