Friday, April 18, 2008

Back country dog

This picture was taken on top of a mountain on the west side of Colorado near Grand Junction, called the flat tops. It was the first time I took her on a camping trip, let alone on a day hike. This picture was near the top stretch. Where we walked across a mountain ledge that was just about 5 feet wide and drops on both sides, scary. The weather was wierd that high up (about 12,000 feet at least) One minute sunny, then a bit of rain, then back to sunny..

You know what, I didn't get anything done today. Some of my supplies have been tied up, so I do not expect them for maybe two weeks now. I am kind of upset about it a bit, but I hope I can figure out what I will do with what I do have.


Pea said...

Stunning picture! WOW. reminds me of home. Kinda makes me home sick really. I am from Montana.
I don't know if I could have made the hike though with that scary drop you were talking about. I don't do heights. LOL

~Tonya said...

What a breathtaking picture! Such a beautiful view...I don't think I could have taken that hike.

The height there...WOW! Way too high for me.

I hope your supplies come in soon. I always hate to wait.